The street trials have certain risk on injury and it depends on the rider’s riding style, so we would classify it as dangerous activity. All the information, photos, videos we have on this website or we send to public are all well designed and planned. Riders involved are all experienced professionals, and all of the stunts they did requiring massive practices systematically, with no short cut.
As our information, photos, and videos are made for marketing purpose only, so been edited may not be actual riding or may contain special treatment. We as Extention Bicycles have no responsible on anyone’s physical injury by any way of riding regarding to any of ways to duplicate the content of the information, photos, or videos.
As one of our brand purpose, we hope more people enjoy riding, make more friends, be more involved in the local community, be part of “the street”, and making the street friendly and peaceful. Hence, without the agreement with the property owner/ relevant authorities, any behaviours that risking or damage public or private properties or safety are not acceptable. Again, our information, photos, and videos are all designed and planned with interest parties aligned, we have no responsible on any damage on the properties in case anyone use our product(s) to do any content in our marketing materials.