Our purpose

Our brand logo stands for extend riders’ potential, extend the diversity of riding style, extend street trial to street culture, and extend the riders as the pride of local communities.
Regardless the ages and regardless the level of riding, we believe everyone have the potential to spread their wings by riding. For street trials, there is no rules but it does require people to break free from the confines by creativity. Brave realizes the creativity, which enabled by the trust on your Potential and our products aim to contribute on the trust.
Ideally the Riding style only related to the rider, not the type of bike (you can ride a road bike, MTB, DH, BMX, or Trials for street trial). However, sometimes, especially you try something new in your mind, it is a shame that have to give up on attempt because the bike mismatch with the rider. We have no interest to be the leader of something, but we do care the riders’ suffers, and acknowledge our responsibility on the diversity of the products/brands on market.
Street trial consist of the rider, the bike, and “the street”, it represent the rider’s creativity by innovative riding. In a narrow view, “the street” may be streets in the city; but let’s make the view wider, it can also be nature, or actually anywhere; we can make the view further wide, with the social media today, “the street” could be the community and even the society. We hope more people enjoy riding, make more friends, be more involved in the local community, be part of “the street”, and making the street friendly and peaceful.
As been proved, with the solid efforts, a street trial rider will be the Pride of yourself, your family, your community, and the society.