Our story

A paper drawing was the start point of our story, and it was generated by a simple idea “The frames in market may be too long to spin” — some street trial riders suffers from long front triangle and long chainstay. We find riders desire to learn and to stylish their riding faster, but as the principle of angular momentum says the larger size makes the harder to spin. Thus, a shorter distance between front hub, bottom bracket, and rear hub allow riders to spin on any of the three or transfer centres of gravity easier and faster.
As riders, we have no impact on the design; so with the clear insight, we decided to do it by our own, and find right people to do the right thing right. The first question came to us would be “who is the designer”. We find the answer quite well: the riders. Our innovation process (learn more) opens to all riders, thus, allows us to transfer ideas or insights from riders to a design solution. After we introduced our purpose and process, the experienced industrialization expert decided to take part in with competence on mechanical engineering, 3D drawing, 3D printing, industrial design, etc. Then, it is the time for the manufacturing master to set up our workstation and the factory by state of art 3D printer, CNC machines, and other manufacturing facilities to ensure we can continuously supply consistent quality as our brand commitment.
The first product went to be developed was the steel frame as our pioneer, and a full range of street trial components is for sure our target in the near future. Our innovation is driven by interaction, and we welcome and appreciate riders all around the world to share and to contribute.